Services Directory SAFI Metropolitan



8AM – 10PM

With heating, slide, jacuzzi and wading pool located on level 15 of the hotel. Enjoy your favorite drink in a warm atmosphere.


Meet Metropolitan Center

7AM – 2AM

Shopping center with 12 prestigious restaurants, Epic Cinemas, the best entertainment, cafes, delis and much more.



24 hours

Located on the 15th level of the hotel, with a wide variety of modern equipment for your exercise.



Available in the hallway next to elevators. Coolers available right there.


Panoramic Park

8AM – 10PM

Wide park with panoramic views, vitatrack, waterfall and green areas for your relaxation.


Restaurante Panorama 15

7AM – 12PM

Inicie sus mañanas con el buffet desayuno más completo y gran variedad de platillos, exquisita repostería gourmet y pan recién horneado, en el Nivel 15.


Room Service

24 hours

Enjoy our international Haute cuisine with an extensive variety of dishes, drinks, liquors, exquisite gourmet pastries.


Executive Room

24 hours

With the most modern computer and support equipment, work areas and meeting room. Located on level 15 of the hotel.


Babysitting Service

8AM – 10PM

Request it 24 hours in advance.

Dial 0 for more information.


Medical Service

24 hours

At your disposal by requesting at the hotel reception.

Dial 0 for more information.


Si en tu estadía en nuestro hotel buscas relajarte en un lugar diseñado para que experimentes los mayores beneficios físicos como terapéuticos, la mejor opción es O.Spa.Salón. Cuenta con los productos y servicios de la más alta calidad para lograr resultados sorprendentes de acuerdo a sus necesidades, a tan solo unos pasos de su habitación.

Important information

The Hotel has a Liability Insurance that complies with the oficial tourist rule NOM-07-TUR-96

  • Incendio en el Edificio
    • Explosión
    • Huracán y Granizo
    • Huelgas y Alborotos
    • Naves aéreas, vehículos y humo
    • Caída de árboles y antenas
    • Daños por agua (rotura o filtraciones accidentales de las tuberías o sistemas de abastecimiento de agua o vapor)
  • Incendio de Contenidos
    • Incendio y/o Rayo
    • Explosión
    • Huracán y Granizo
    • Huelgas y Alborotos
    • Naves aéreas, vehículos y humo
    • Caída de árboles y antenas
    • Daños por agua (rotura o filtraciones accidentales de las tuberías o sistemas de abastecimiento de agua o vapor)
    • Cristales
    • Daños materiales por accidentes
  • Dinero y Valores (que se encuentren dentro de la caja de seguridad del Hotel)
    • Dentro y Fuera
    • Equipo Electrónico
  • Responsabilidad Civil General
    • R.C. Actividades e Inmuebles (Daños a terceros por su actividad imputable a el como su responsabilidad
    • R.C. Comercio
    • R.C. Estacionamiento (daños materiales y robo)


It is understood that what is mentioned above is what is covered by said policy, so what is not mentioned is what is not covered by the insurer. In case of requiring exclusions of each coverage, it is necessary to go to the study of the conditions of the policy.

In the event of an accident, the procedure to follow for a claim is as follows. When reporting the accident you will be asked the following questions:

  1. Insurance Policy Number
  2. Insurance Company Name
  3. Date and time of the accident
  4. Lugar del accidente
  5. Person to contact and phone number
  6. Cause of accident
  7. Damages


After this procedure, an insurance adjuster will contact you, follow up on the accidents study, and will review your policy to determine wheter the loss is covered and there will be a total compensation.

All of the situations which may have caused death or serious health hazards to tourist, damages or losses to material goods and where caused by the normal establishment activities, including his responsability as an owner leaseholder or leaser and by their employes, and their activities are here by included in compliance to the terms of the Civil Federal Code and Legal Liability.

*It is understood that in case of a situation or accident that is not covered by the Insurance Company, the competent authority will determine that the establishment dos not include that coverage on that issue in the Liability Insurance Policy.

The Management

When you hear the alarm do the following:

If the fire is inside your room:

  • Report by phone by dialing 0 or lower the fire lever located at the access to the stairs.
  • Exit the room and close the door.

If the fire is not inside your room:

  • Pruebe si su puerta está caliente antes de abrirla.

Si la puerta está caliente:

  • Take your room key and open the door slowly with caution.
  • Walk to emergency exit shown on the evacuation map and go down to the first floor.
  • If the exiting downstair is unsafe, return to your room and stay inside until help arrives.
  • If hall is smoky, stay low.